№ 1, 2021

№ 1, 2021

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Voloshyn О.І, Voloshyna L.О, Senyuk B.P., Prуsyazhnyuk I.V., Buzdugan I.O.
Secondary immunodeficiency states in the activity of a general practitioner – family medicine and phytotherapeutic ways of their correction (lecture)

Philippov Y.A., Evtushenko T.V.
Gout. Тreatment options modern and alternative medicine

Batushkin V.V., Podyacha D.S, Nesterenko L.O.
Vegetative and cerebraleffects of carvelis® components in patients with arterial hypertension

Babinets L.S., Schaygen O.R.
Possibilities of biorregulation in complex therapy of chronic pancreatitis in comorbidity with chronic viral hepatitis C

Levitsky A.P., Markov A.V., Pupin T.I., Zubachik V.M.
Normalization of the metabolism of essential fatty acids of phosolipids of the liver of rats received with palm oil on the background of disbiosis by the phytopreparation “Kvertulin”


Rudnyk A.М., Trzhetsynskyi S.D.
Elemental composition of the bark of certain species and hybrids of balsamic poplar cultivated in Ukraine


Order of the Ministry of Education, Science of Ukraine dated 19.12.2018 №1419 “On approval of the standard of higher education in the specialty 227” “Physical therapy, occupational therapy” for the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education


Program of scientific-practical conference with international participation, involvement of young scientists, students “Topical issues of complementary / alternative medicine in health practices”, April 16-17, 2021 Kyiv

Zaichenko G.V., Gorchakova N.O., Doroshenko A.I., Savchenko N.V.
Herbal remedies in folk practice

Bakalyuk T.G., Vakulenko D.V., Lupenko S.A.
The relevance of the application of the “international classification of functioning, limitations of life and health” for folk medicine on the example of Chinese figurative medicine and reiki

Bilay I.M., Krasko M.P., Ostapenko AO., Demchenko V.O.
Experimental and clinical evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicine atherogenesis

Holovatska L.O.
Pathogenetic significance of autonomic dysfunction in the development of arterial hypertension under the influence of various types of stress

Zaichenko G.V., Gorchakova N.O., Shumeiko O.V., Klimenko O.V.
Appointment of lattice as a means of energy-intensive therapy in hypoxic conditions

Zhigulyova E.O., Hristich T.M.
Chronic pancreatitis: how therapeutic physical culture affects the quality of life of patients

Levitsky A.P., Lapinskaya A.P., Tomilina T.V.
The use of phytopreparations for the prevention of dysbiotic syndrome in rats with lipid intoxication

Levitsky A.P., Stepan V.T, Pustovoit I.P.
In the impact of palm oil consumption on the condition of the kidneys of rats

Markov A. V., Pupin T. I., Labush Yu. Z., Selivanskaya I. O.
Prevention by phytogels of pathological complications in the body of rats when consuming thermoperoxide sunflower oil

Zubytska V.O.
Author’s phytotherapy in modern health practice of a doctor. Today’s challenges, treatment of postCOVID-19 syndrome

Skachko B.G.
A way to improve liver function with natural remedies for rehabilitation after Covid-19

Skachko B.G., Dumanskaya E.N.
PostCOVID-19 Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Depression in PostCOVID-19 Rehabilitation

Taran G.I.
Pathogenic factors. contributing to morbidity

Taran G.I.
The role of physical factors in the treatment of diseases

Avramenko T.V., Moschich O.P.
Clinical studies of the effectiveness and prospects of bioregulatory drugs in obstetric practice

Kirkilevskaya L.M, Marilovtseva N.O, Kisil O.V.
The use of the drug from mistletoe Iscador in medical practice

Andriuk L.V.
Nordic walking is an effective form of kinesitherapy

Kramar E.D.
Features of medical perfumery in professional aromatherapy

Emilia Kramar
Special aspects of therapeutic perfumery in professional aromatherapy

Matveeva K. V, Portseva L. I.
Aromatherapy and choreography as a single layer of cultural experience of mankind

Menshova V.O, Berezkina V.I.
Introduction of Rubia Tinctorum L. (Rubiaceae Juss)

Rudnik A.M.
Study of polysaccharides of moringa oil leaves

Zhuravel U.P, Konechna R.T.
Medicinal mushrooms in pharmaceutical practice, their condition and prospects

Gerasimets I.I, Fira L.S.
Changes in the cytokine profile in rats in experimental acute hepatitis and after application of a thick extract of Maitake mushrooms

Gubenko V.P., Tkalina A.V., Dovgy I.L., Taran G.I., Fedosenko A.V., Vasilkov A.A., Litvinenko D.E., Sovgira S.S., Ulinets K.E.
Development of a training program for specialists in manual medicine in Ukraine – as a need to meet international standards

Taran G.I.
Classical manual therapy is the basis of treatment of diseases

Galyan Ya. О.
The program of self-recovery of the specialist of east medicine on the physical and energyinformation plan

Melnik A. І.
Calibrator of force of pressure of a probe on a biologically active point

Krutov V.V.
Mental medicine is an effective and important resource of the human health system

Congratulations on the occasion of the anniversary of Gorchakova N.O.