№ 3, 2021

№ 3, 2021

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S. I. Bilai
Correction of protein oxidative modification with quertinein patients with uronephrolithiasis comorbid with metabolic syndrom

A. P. Levitsky, V. V. Velichko, P. I. Pustovoit, I. A. Selivanskaya
Нepatoprotective efficacy of consumption of high-oleic sunflower seed oilcake in rats with experimental dysbiosis

Sepideh Parchami Ghazaee, Tetiana Harnyk, Viktor Tumanov, Ella Gorova, Murtaza Hameed
Phytochemical characterization of antithrombotic agents of natural origin (mini review)

S.V. Pototska
Iridology in clinical practice


V. V. Krutov
Traditional and informational-energetic medicine: two complementary systems of knowledge to guard human health


G. F. Kerimova, V. A. Rybak, V. V. Korol
Determination of toxicological properties, ulcerogenic and local irritating effects of dry extracts of leaves and roots of Iris hungarica

V. O. Pinkevych, N. Ye. Burda, I. O. Zhuravel, I. V. Orlenko
The study of the mineral composition of (Matthiola bicornis (Sibth.&SM) DC) Vechirnij aromat variety raw materials

І. Bobkova, V. Burianova, O. Dunaievska, K. Uminska, V. Khranivska
Morphological features of some representatives of the genus Mentha L.

G. P. Smoylovska, O. V. Mazulin, O. K. Yerenko, O. O. Maliuhina, T. V. Khortetska
Study of the composition of polyphenol compounds in herb of achillea setacea waldst. Et kit. and achillea submillefolium klok. et krytzka

I. B. Pietkova, L. M. Unhurian, L. M. Horiacha, I. O. Zhuravel, V. S. Kyslychenko
Elemental composition of cornflower blue raw materials

I. O. Vlasenko, L. L. Davtian
Audit of packaged products of medicinal plants for treatment of diabetes mellituson the pharmaceutical, market of Ukraine

U. Zhuravel, Yu. Konechnyi, A. Krvavych, R. Konechna
Thalictrum foetidum. Аnalytical review

V. A. Tarasenko, T. V. Prykhodko, О. F. Кuchmistova, A. M. Solomenniy, O. V. Pleshkova, O. V. Belozerova, D. V. Drozdov
Pharmaceuticals marketing researches for use in dermatology and on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in general (Message I)


Program scientific-practical symposium with international participation, involvement of young scientists, students “Current issues: “Health and longevity – fundamental and clinical research, implementation. Complementary methods as a healthy life style,” october 22-23, 2021, Kyiv

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