№ 4, 2021

№ 4, 2021

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N.V. Matsiukh, I.V. Loskutova
The use of herbal remedies in the complex Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome in Patients with chronic herpetic infection

Y.V. Dronyak, L.S. Babinets
Accompanying ascaridosis as a factor of aggression of trophological status in chronic pancreatitis

O.S. Zemlyak
Cognitive disabilities in patients with chronic pancreath in combort with diabetes mellitus and possibility of correction by low volume infusion therapy

I.V. Loskutova, N.P. Karandash
Medical rehabilitation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with helicobacteriosis

A.P. Levitsky, V.V. Velichko, I.A. Selivanskaya, A.P. Lapinskaya
Influence of vegetable feed additives on lipid metabolism indices in rat blood serum with experimental dysbiosis


O.I. Golembiovska, M.A. Arkhypova, T.M. Lutsenko, O.Yu. Galkin
Analysis of the current state of development of antiviral herbal remedies in Ukraine and the world

V. Daruha, V.Karpiuk,Yu. Konechnyi, R. Konechna
Clematis vitalba. Analytical literature review

T.I. Voitenko
The component composition of the essential oil of the CARDUUS NUTANS L. Herb

Yu. S. Maslii, N. I. Filimonova, O. A. Ruban, I. Yu. Tishchenko, S. А. Kutsenko
Influence of active substances of medicinal chewing gum on pathogenic properties of oral cavity microorganisms

V.V. Trokhymchuk, L.L. Davtian, R.S. Korytniuk, A.O. Drozdova, O.P. Hulchiy, N.M. Kosyachenko, T.F. Olifirova, M.I. Naumova
Development of pharmaceutical composition in the form of chewable tablets

V.О. Tarasenko, T.V. Prykhodko, O.F. Kuchmistova, A.M. Lutska, R.L. Prytula, D.V. Voronenko, D.V. Drozdov
Pharmaceuticals marketing researches for use in dermatology and on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in general (message II)

T.V. Oproshanska, O.P. Khvorost
Quantitative determination of the amount of organic acids in tinctures from plant raw materials of common species of plants with using potentiometry

S.M. Marchyshyn, O.I. Skrynchuk, M.M. Vasenda, I.S. Dakhym, O.L. Demydyak
Rationale for choosing extractant for extraction of a complex of biologically active substances from heartleaf crambe leaves and roots

A.O. Mosiychuk, V.V. Velma, G.S. Tartynska, K.S. Skrebtsova
Study of hydroxycaric acids in Prunella vulgaris L.


Report and resolution of Scientific symposium with international participation, attracting young scientists, students «Topical issues: health and longevityfundamental and clinical research, implementation. Complete methods as a healthy lifestyle» 22-23 of October 2021, Kyiv